U Rawk!

Yes! U Rawk babe!

congratulation to Meet Uncle Hussain!! *mwah mwah*



ahahaha i loikeeee…


sorry to Tahir’s son…


i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy don’t like you… ooopss!


**sorry to all F Tahir’s fan(s) wink


CuPiD.sTuPiD said…
I'm not really a fan of the local music, but MUH was kind of one of a kind weird wacky talent... Only the new generations would understand why they won AJL... *clap clap
On the other hand, Faizal is a good singer if you asked me, he's a rare talent too... Only that he's a too big show-off... Sikit-sikit dah la bro... Orang tau awak boleh menyanyi and menggelongsor kat atas stage tu... Sometimes being modest is good...
a m l y n y x said…
honestly speaking, i am not a die hard fan to MUH. but, very hoping dat MUH or Spider won in the AJL. atlast, they won!! yeay!
tak kisahlah asalkan band yg menang oke.
i am tired already with all those songs like mawi's, faizaltahir's, Ct Nuhalija's, etc etc. *duhh*

Add: yes, bcoz of his show-off lah menambah lagi ketidaksukaan saya kepada dia.

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