holiday part two


Day 2 - Merdeka Day

9.30am - Wake up. oh gosh! the free breakfast is just 8-10!
buffalo bath (hahaha mandi kerbau!)
9.55am - go to the Cafe at Eagle Creek. Syukur, the free foods still there! and crowded of people. i also wondering why there are many people even the time is almost 10. i tot maybe just of us were late for free foods! whateva.
as usual i ate a lot since it was free. *ghee*
10.30am - back to our room.
pack all the stuffs, take a real-bath ;)
11.45am - check out! & snapping piktures
12.30pm - heading to pd.

suddenly saw the Cape Rachado's (Rumah Api Tg Tuan) sign, and follow that sign. unluckily, we found any of Rumah Api. Rumah yang dimakan api adalah *huhu*. are we do know how to use / follow that sign? or the sign is wrong? owh.

1.00pm - go to PD Ostrich Farm.
2.00pm - tapau nasi & having our lunch at the beach. so panas terik! (yes, 2pm u know!)
3.00pm - heading to Shah Alam. bubye PD. see ya nxt time!

we arrived shah alam around 5.00pm, then drop by at tesco & mydin for shop barang-barang dapur (puasa preparation la ni..)

Note: as you read here, no more holiday feelings okay when i type it today. just type as simple as i can hehe.
thats why i said, i need net connection wherever & whenever i think its important. need to have own wifi maybe. erm..

Notes: holiday picas version coming soon. maybe this afternoon, tomorrow, next week or.. nxt month?? ooops.


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