holiday part One

I am now typing the points for my blog using MS Word since the place where I stayed doesn’t have net connection. ;( So typing in the words & paste it to the blog is the only way that I think the story & feelings are still fresh. Story & feeling of our holiday. Now is 12:17am 31 August 2008 (Merdeka!!). My hubby already slept. Me still busy with the notebook. I actually just upload all the picas from my handphone & cam to dis laptop. The tv still showing the merdeka’s songs, documentaries, etc etc. suddenly I felt to blogging then checked the connection. Unluckily, I didn’t found any =( but nevermind, its not the reason for me not to write down what was in my head since this evening.

Okay lets the story begin..

Compare to other holidays, this holiday is actually more well-prepared & with planning. I had booked the room past two weeks when the hubby ask me for a holiday (honestly to book a room 2weeks in advanced before merdeka oliday is very though job oke!) the peoples already booked the room at least 1month before merdeka day. So that’s why its reallyyy hard for me to find a suitable room with under control budget.

I browsed to the net, try call all the hotels & resorts. But all the rooms fully booked on the merdeka day. One day I just login to my account, and then browse its offer. And I found one of the resorts in PD which is met my needs. I just fill up the form & submit to them just checking whether they still have extra room for us. One day later I received an email from them said that there are still have rooms and if I want that room, I need to pay them today and they will give us a voucher.

Owh Syukur Alhamdulillah, finally I booked a room for our next cuti.

Then, for showing that I really don’t have jobs at ofc (hahaha) I make a tentative programme for us. *very der ober kan* This holiday look like more serious la pulak with this tentative. but nevermind. And as usual, we not follow the tentative at all from the beginning(nah! As I said the tentative is just a rajin-rajin-buat when I felt tak ada kerja kat ofis..whooopss).

30 August..

As in my tentative, our holiday will start on 9am. And at that time we actually just woke-up!

1hour later we start our oliday. Hehe.

10.00am – pump-in our Elmo at USJ Shell then having breakfast at 7e there.
10.30am – Start our journey
11.00am – exit KLIA toll and heading to Nilai 3. (we actually do not have any idea where is Nilai 3. we just follow the direction).
11.30am – arrived Nilai 3 and start rambang mata which kedai we wanna stop.

1.30pm – having our lunch at one of restaurant there
2.30pm – heading to PD using alt way that we always use.
3.30pm – arrived PD and jalan-jalan to the pasar malam (nxt to petronas pump). 3.30pm dah start pasar malam!
4.00pm – check in at Eagle Ranch Resort (ERR).
Relaxing, bathing, praying & napping for few minutes.
6.00pm - go to go-kart circuit, just saw the go-karters there.

Then, we rent a bike (double bike actually) for RM10 an hour.
7.30pm – go to PD. Having our dinner with ikan bakar portugese. yummy yummy!
9.30pm – went back to our room.
10.00pm onwards – watching tv, relaxing & now typing this..

The rest story & the picas of the holiday, I’ll story & upload later lah ye. I wanna have my sleep now.

B, wait me! Jgn pegi London sorg2, I nak ikut jugak. Best kan B kita gih London tak payah naik flite bagai…


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