holiday picas version!

since today is 10.09.08, so i decided to complete my holiday entry.
why i chose this date? no spesific reason, just because...

the date is somting like counting down 10, 9, 8, .... aite? *nyehnyeh*
in this entry, i will not type banyak2, just enjoy the pics oke! (all those picts already in compilation version oke).
this is the one of type accomodation in ERR. this is what we called Tepee. I love this type so much because of its uniqueness & classiqueness. *aku memang cukop suke dengan benda-benda pelik mcm ni.* actually i'm tired already with the streotype hotel, apartment. * dah ler aku duk rumah bertingkat-tingkat, batu-bata, so hotel yang sama 'design' nya dengan rumah aku make me sick!*

actually before i booked this one, few colleagues suggest me to book at Glory Beach Resort, Ilham Apartment, Tiara Beach Resort, etc etc. but i refuse & try to park my booking in this resort. if tak ade sangat, then aku book resorts / hotels yang disuggest tu.

besides of this type, ERR also have bandwagon, kampung house, log cabin, hut, and few more (aku pon suda lupa..) for us to stay. next time i wanna try to stay at log cabin since it was built by timber. * i am telling you a secret, the timber house is actually amlynyx's dreaming house. ooopss*

other part of ERR

macam biasa la, aksi-aksi sengal tetap ada

this is on the day 1 we at ERR

the story began when...

we do not have any idea what to do in our free time on that evening. at first, we go to go-kart area just saw few go-karters there. after few minutes there and got bored, my hubby suddenly saw a sign 'Bike to Rent'. then he asked me for cycling since we didnt have any 'leg exercise' for a long time. there are about 4 single bikes, and a double bike. honestly i told you, we never use this double bike before. so why not we try aite? ;) the rent is per hour. RM10/h.

see the blue double bike above. yes, it is! we enjoyed biked with it. hahaha so many funny things happen. *gila aish double bike ni. dah la nih first time, memang gayat. hehe.*

so for those who are never used this bike, make sure that the person who are sitting in front of can control this bike. *kalo nak kayuh, dua-dua kena kayuh, kalo stop, dua-dua kena stop. so kalo sape-sape tengah gaduh & nak guna bike ni dilarang sama sekali*. so we must have a good communication among of us. "Oke kayuh." "Oke Stop." hihihi macam masuk competition ini bekerjasama.

this is in Ostrich Farm on Day 2.

*secara jujurnya, aku amat kasihan melihat Ostriches kat situ. ostrich yang tua-tua atau maybe dia sakit. ada yang dah tak ada bulu..sian sgt. sad.*

its not only Ostrich in this farm, but they also have kambing yang jinak, monyet, angsa, ayam, ayam belanda, parrot, ulaq, bewak, etc etc. senang cita, ala-ala mini zoo la. but ostrich tu banyak sket ler.

they also have Ostrich Riding there. the instructor at first asked me for have a ride with that ostrich, but i refuse. *takutt ler. besau sangat*. then i forced my hubby (haha pity him) to ride it because the instructor will give a sijil for those yang berani nak ride menatang tu. aku tak sempat nak snap gambar husband aku masa dia tonggang tu sbb memang nampak scary. macam nak terjatuh hubby aku. sian. aku dah mula pikir bukan-bukan. takut lar kena gi duk teman hubby aku di hospital PD plak lepas ni. heh. luckily, nothing happen but my hubby was pucat ya amat! sian dia. love u b. u are my hero *wink* but, he got the sijil oke! the sijil quite cute. hehe. but i dont snap that sijil lar.

so that's all about our holiday.

matilah menipu. tadi cakap takmau type banyak, amik ko. tak type banyak oke, cuma berjela! hikhik.

Think: m.broadband or streamyx? broadband maybe. ermm..

happy makan sahur, happy fasting & happy berbuka puasa.


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