the holy month

this year is the first year we having our fasting month together as a husband-wife. *almost 6years having our fast as a couple-maple wink wink*

yes. its very different between the previous years and this year *and onwards*.

i just summarize what the differences. (different people have different experiences, aite?)

a) the menu of berbuka & bersahur
b) the time of bersahur
c) the mood of puasa itself

lemme explain even not too briefly, but so-so pon okaylah..just for your undesstanding. *hee macamlah ramai baca hasil taipan aku nih kan. aish perasan!*

a) the menu of berbuka - yes i admit it! i cannot have the heavy meal like nasi berlauk or nasi campur as the first meal for berbuka. i cannot go oke! its enuff for me to have kurma or kueh, roti or capati or murtabak etc and ayaq. except nasi.

there is a story behind this. for the first two weeks of puasa, i actually wanna tiru my hubby's berbuka style. he *and of course many people out there* will have nasi for the first meal for berbuka. the first week of ramadhan, we berbuka with nasi and lauk-pauk *sometimes bought at bazar ramadhan. few times cook by myself*. then, i sudah tidak lalu for have nasi & lauk-pauk. i try to change it. still have nasi for berbuka, but not nasi putih with laukpauk. i try to have nasi minyak, kerabu, dagang, beriani, tomato, etc. yes! i like it. but sadly i just can stand for all those nasi only few days *less than a week* owh.

after that, i have capati for my breaking fast menu. *wink*

Info: habit berbuka puasa NOT with the nasi is from my family. if in my kampung, we will have bubur lambok, roti with curry, murtabak, makaroni goreng / soup, capati, etc for berbuka.

the menu of bersahur - NASI for my family & hubby and for me its okay if there is bread with butter, oat, etc. if i dont have any choice, i CAN have nasi for my sahur. its not a big deal!

b) the time of sahur - during my single mood dolu-dolu, i will have my sahur at late night *11pm - 12pm*. and will wake up at 5am for have 1 or 2 kurma and some water. and after being somebody's somebody *wink* the sahur time remain the same. for this one, my hubby tiru my style.

c) the mood of puasa - for this year, the puasa mood is more than before. i am not sure why. maybe because i am a wife this year? oh, not only that. maybe because of i can break my fast at home with the hubby. not like before breaking our fast at somewhere not-called-home. *restoran, kfc, mcD, pizza, garden, tepi masjid, dalam keta* ahahaha kantoi!

today is the 19th day puasa this year 1429H. so wishing all of you to complete another 11 days with Allah's blessings and fulfill it with the barakah. insyaAllah.

Note: only 11 days remain for Ramadhan this year. hoping that i still can meet next Ramadhan. insyaAllah.


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