Mr Mood

today is friday.

suppose i enjoy my friday like usual.

but today i am not.


i felt sooo down.


is it something ruining my head?

is it someone make my life down?

is it something/someone make me unhappy?

is it...arhhh

erm. maybe. maybe yes. maybe not.

actually i do have two interesting to share with:

a) Dokter Ikan; and

b) CPR.

i do have the title. i do have the idea. i do have the points. i do have the pics also!

but i do not have the mood to write-on.

oh please, mr mood deary,

where are you going?

come back to my heart & soul...

come back baby..oh pls.

Ms Moodless

i enjoy today because its friday, but hoping the weekend is more enjoyable.

i hope i can share the two thing soon, but not a.s.a.p. since i'll be not in this cooly-mooly office until next Tuesday.

i'm out for ronggeng oops wasting-time at Mirama.

hope Mr Moody will come-back to me a.s.a.p.



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