i am wondering why...

hehe..aku suka kan buh tajuk cenggitu..smlm aku mmg vizi gile la kat opis ni. masuk ofc pagi sampai ptg aku stret ngadap excel check 5folders CCP. korang paham ke tu? xpaham xpe lah, aku pon mls nk cite detail. stop talking about my works.

what i am wondering now...

1) why the female driver are driving the car faster than the man on the road?? is my statment true? i am not sure also. but, from my analysis (hikhik. analysis gitu.) comparing from my mama driving skill with my baba, may baba is slower than her! my mak-in-law also. she is driving faster than my abah-in-law. and...me, erm (i think i'm not bawak keta laju2 oke), but my husband told me so. i dunno why. he had kejar2 or cucuk2 me and my memo while he was driving another car in one day morning (actually i didnt noticed him pon..), and then he said i drove my memo so cilok2..aiya..i think i drive like the ordinary-sopan-santun-woman sajork la.ghee.

then, i start comparing my aunt and her husband and also my few friends with their husband. and yes! they're laju on the road. why ar?? i asked my husband y. and here his answer(s)..

a) pompuan ni bila drive keta, dah x pk apa dah. main bawak je..
- but i argue with him because when i'm driving, i also concern and alert all & everything happens in-front, behind, my left & right hand-side and even kat atas pon.hik. (sbb aku penah layan tengok sebuah flite nak mendarat masa aku drive..). bila aku pk2 balik, few luka2 kat memo aku tu pon because of him, and alhamdulillah i never got accident yet since i got my licence 8 years ago.

b) nak tunjuk hebat
- owh. of course lah i argue lagi sebab aku x pernah pun nak tunjuk 'hebat nya aku boleh drive sebuah keta.' lainlah kalo aku drive lamborghini ke, ferrari ke tak pun aku drive toyota caldina which is all cermin is black-tinted and they dont know who is the driver.

c) and few reasons he told me, but all i argued. thehe.

Until now i dont have a reason which i can accept it. I'll try to make a questionnaire (perhaps) and ask my mama or other woman driver lah.

Morale-of-the-stori: Arguing with husband is one of the normal thing, but pls ensure the arguement is tidak-berlarutan or tidak lebih-lebih.

Second thing i am wondering...

FYI, i have been working in 3 companies since i was graduated in year 2005. 1st company almost 2years, 2nd company just 4 @ 5 months and this is my 3rd company. (hoping i'll be staying longer here..insyaAllah). from the 1st company until now, i always always always have to or in another word need to attend the meeting. at least one meeting for a week. i tired already with those meeting. tired of... for example the meeting is for 3hours, only one hour is the real meeting, but another 2hours is salah-menyalah-session. owh. pls lah. stop salah-salahkan orang ni. every time i have a meeting, my boss always said to me "jom pegi tengok wayang". very der bohsan lah kalo meeting ini macam. thats why lah my boss always mengelak pergi meeting and the mangsa-pengelakan dia adalah AKU!!! and same thing happen today, this afternoon i HAVE TO attend a meeting and until now my boss still not in the office. owh no.

Why i always be the delegation for my boss to attend a meeting???? why?? y??


wanza said…
pompuan bawak kete laju coz memang pompuan memnag expert bawak kete..hahaha.yang tak sukanyer kalau kita bawak laju..my hubby mesti condemn lajulah,rapat sangatlah ngan kete depan and bla..bla pupang..tapi kalau dier, bawak laju takper, buat kesalahan lain pun takper..adil ker tue. so kalau za bawak kete bagi amaran awal2 kat peyja supaya suh dok diam2.
amlynyx said…
hahahah. so another reason sbb kita expert la dih. oke, kena wat kajian lg nih..thanks for de opinion. ;)

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